Common wolf snake rescued near Parkala

Common wolf snake rescued near Parkala

Common wolf snake

Two social workers, under the guidance of snake expert Gururaj Sanil, rescued a common wolf snake from a house in Gatson Colony near Parkala on Saturday.

The snake was found inside the house of Sorappa Poojary and was about six-foot long.

Social workers Ganeshraj and Rajesh Prabhu, on the directions of Gururaj Sanil, rescued the snake and released it in the neighbourhood.

Sanil said that common wolf snakes (Lycodon aulicus) were not poisonous and preyed on lizards usually. “They lay eggs in April and May and many people try to kill them, although they contribute to ecological balance,” he stressed.

“The common wolf snake is a non-venomous snake species found mostly in South Asia and Southeast Asia. They are commonly found in urban areas. The snakes are active and ferocious when provoked. They defend themselves by trying to escape or retaliate by biting, therefore, precautions should be taken while handling them,” he added.