Daily wager spends Hajj money to buy food for needy

Daily wager spends money saved for Hajj to buy food for the needy

Farm labourer Abdurrahman of Goodinabali in Bantwal taluk, with the food grains to be disbursed to the needy.

A farm labourer, Abdurrahman Goodinabali walked miles and avoided milk or tea in order to save enough money to realise his dream of performing Hajj at Mecca.

But on reaching the stage of realising his dream, he ended up spending all of his life's savings to feed the needy during the lockdown.

Abdurrahman of Goodinabali in Bantwal taluk had worked throughout his life to support his family and to fulfil a dream of going on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Playing down his supreme sacrifice, he says, “I consider my Hajj has been done now.”

The social media was all praise for Abdurrahman’s initiative during the pandemic.