Declining water level worries Kodagu residents

Declining water level worries Kodagu residents

The inflow to Kootuhole check dam in Madikeri has reduced.

With the summer fast approaching, residents of Kodagu are a worried lot as the water sources in the district are drying up.

In spite of heavy rain in the month of August, the water level has receded in the water bodies. Kootuhole, Pampinakere, Kannandabane and Roshanara kere that supply water to residents in Madikeri were up to the brim during the monsoon. The receding water level has resulted in quite a bit of concern among residents over the supply of water in summer. 

Already a few wards are facing disruption in the supply of water. Wards like Mahadevapete, Ranipete, Ganapathi Beedi are getting water on alternate days. The residents fear that they have harsh days ahead. 

The Kundamestri water storing unit is filled with silt due to the natural calamity that hit Kodagu district last August. As a result, water is not supplied to the town as per requirement. Furthermore, water-level in Pampinakere has reduced drastically. The groundwater level has also reduced in the district. 

According to CMC officials, “Water level in Kootuhole has receded. It has been decided that water will be pumped from the Kundamestri water project site. Sandbags will be used to construct temporary check dams at Kootuhole to increase the water level. Measures will be taken to ensure that there is no shortage of water.” 

CMC Commissioner Ramesh called upon the citizens to utilise water judiciously as the water level in Kootuhole and borewells in the area has declined. Water should not be wasted, he added. 

He warned of initiating strict action against those who use treated water to clean vehicles, watering garden and for construction works.