Elephant menace on rise in Suntikoppa

Elephant menace on rise in Suntikoppa

A damaged coconut tree at Aigooru near Suntikoppa.

Small farmers are losing their crops with the increase in wild elephant menace in Suntikoppa hobli. The residents and farmers have expressed displeasure at the Forest Department for failing to check elephant menace. 

The residents are in fear as elephants have been roaming around the village for the past few days near Netli ‘B’ estate. The elephants pass near the houses at about 7 pm and damage papaya and banana plantations, along with coffee plants. 

“We are forced to sit inside the house fearing an attack,” said the villagers. 

A herd of eight elephants were spotted at Andagove. The elephants have been damaging crops, including jackfruit, coffee and banana.

The situation in Heroor in Kedakal is no different. The footprints of the elephants are found all over the village.

“We cannot come back to the village after attending a family function in the neighbouring villages,” they said. The elephant menace has increased in Kodagarahalli, Kanbail, Manjikere, Mathikadu and other surrounding villages as well. Despite the complaint, no measures have been taken by the Forest Department to chase elephants. 

Coffee grower K S Manjunath from Kodagarahalli said, “Owing to the rain deficit, we have already lost pepper. With the elephant menace, we are not able to save even the available crops. Along with the herd of elephants, even bison too damage crops.”