For ‘Pay and Use’ toilets, customer is king in city

For ‘Pay and Use’ toilets, customer is king in city

A new pay and use toilet being constructed near Panambur beach.

The third round of water rationing has resulted in a severe shortage of water across apartments and other buildings. But public washrooms, toilets in and around the city seem to manage the water crisis with ‘users-first’ strategy.

The public bath and toilet complex at the Fish Market, near State Bank bus stand, has not faced the brunt of the water crisis yet, Mohammed, a vegetable vendor at the market, said. “We ensure that the water supply is regular so that women who are regular users can use it without much hindrance,” he said.

The toilet draws its water from a borewell nearby. In case of water shortage, unions and organisations ensure that water is supplied through tankers. The public bath and toilet complex at KSRTC Bus Stand in Bejai also faces no shortage of water. The toilet sources water from borewells and external water suppliers on a contract basis.

One of the helpers at the complex said that in case of such water shortages, there are special provisions to avail of more water from its contractors.

Panambur Beach, which sees an average footfall of around 5,000 people per day, has five public bathrooms and toilets, Deepak, who works as a lifeguard at the beach, said.

Additional water is sourced from Indian Coast Guard premises. “We don’t run out of water. During high and low tides, the water level in the wells fluctuates. But it does not affect the overall availability of water. Even when the footfall to the beach doubles during the holidays, the well water meets the demand” he

Pannambur Beach Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yatish Baikampady said the beach does not receive water supply from Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC).

“With a large number of people using such facilities, it is important to ensure that water supply in toilets is not disrupted,” Baikampady stressed.

If you happen to visit one of these public pay toilets with good water facility, it is a reflection of the strategy that the users are valued.