Injured soldier returns to his native place

Soldier H N Mahesh shows the injury he received while on duty in Kashmir.

Soldier H N Mahesh, who had been injured during an anti-terrorist operation in Shopian in Jammu and Kashmir, has returned to his native place in Ponnampet for rest.

H N Mahesh was accompanied by his colleague Pravin. After completing his vacation, Mahesh had reported for duty in the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir on May 15. On May 29, he was severely wounded during an operation against terrorists who were hiding in a hospital in Shopian.

A bullet fired by terrorists hit Mahesh on the right side of his jaw and passed through his nose bridge. He was treated at the Army Hospital in Chandigarh.

After coming out of a three-day long coma, he was operated upon by the surgeons and it took nearly 50 stitches to close the wounds. Acting on the advice of the senior officials in the Indian Army, Mahesh was sent on holiday to his native place.

Mahesh said that he did not come to know about the bullet shot immediately. Several minutes later, he developed a problem with vision and he experienced palpitations in the heart. When he touched his face, he realised that he was shot. With the help of his colleagues, he rushed towards the ambulance which was at a distance of 200 metres from the site of encounter.

Mahesh’s stay in the army is likely to be extended to eight more years and he hopes to work in bomb disposal squad after his recovery.

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