Janapada academy award winners at relief centres

Janapada academy award winning artistes Kudiyara Sharada and Kudiyara Devaki from Thora village, in the relief centre in Government Higher Primary School, Kedamulluru.

Among the 170 people in Thora village, who have been taking shelter in the relief centre, there are three janapada academy award winning artistes.

Following landslides in the villages, the villagers are being provided shelter at the government higher primary school in Kedamullur. Among these, Dudi artiste Kudiyara Sharada had won the state Janapada Academy award in 2015. She is the daughter of Kudiyara Jaya, the first-ever academy award winner from Kodagu.

Pareyakaliya Medara Raju and Kudiyara Devaki who have won state Janapada Academy awards in 2016 and 2018 respectively, too, are in the relief centre.

Thora village is surrounded by hills and is stretched across a distance of around 10 km. There are fewer houses and more number of coffee plantations. Distance between one house to another is about half a kilometre. There are several artistes in the area and Kudiyara Jaya had been the main inspiration to all of them.

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