Kannada physician-writers’ conference on May 26

Kannada physician-writers’ conference on May 26

The Indian Medical Association Mangaluru branch will host the first-ever state-level Kannada physician-writers’ conference on May 26 at the IMA Hall.

Addressing the media, the Regional Conference Committee and IMA Mangalore President Dr Sacchidananda Rai, stated that the 93-year-old organisation has taken the initiative to recognise and provide an opportunity to all doctors who have developed an interest in writing in the regional language.

“Doctors are excellent in the use of the language, with commendable vocabulary. There is a misconception that doctors speak only English, and have low proficiency in regional languages. This conference aims to bring all these writers together and provide them with a platform,” he added.

While discussing the significance of the event, IMA Mangalore Secretary Dr Sudhindra Rao M said that these writings help doctors reach out to people through different mediums. He informed reporters that IMA has more than 200 prominent doctors with over hundreds of books published by about 25 of them. Prominent physician-writers like Dr N Someshwar, Dr G G Lakshman, Dr Vijayalakshmi, and Dr Bhaskar Acharya will address the delegates at the conference.

IMA Mangalore President Dr Sacchidananda Rai stated that the University of Mysore is coming up with a glossary of medical terms in Kannada. Comprising eight volumes, the glossary will be named ‘Vaidya Vishwa Kosha’. “The initiative was taken by Dr S P Yoganna, a cardiologist at Suyog Hospital, Mysore,” he added.