Kodange, Gonigadde residents to boycott polls

Kodange, Gonigadde residents to boycott polls

Residents of Gonigadde tribal hamlet display a banner, declaring the boycott of Lok Sabha elections.

Residents of Kodange and Gonigadde tribal hamlets in Gonikoppa have decided to boycott the polls on April 18.

Stating that they have been living in the hamlets for the past several years, the residents said that their hamlets have not been provided with infrastructure even after 70 years of Independence.

The Kodange and Gonigadde tribal hamlets lie adjacent to the Nagarahole National Park.

As many as 45 families belonging to Jenukuruba and Yarava communities have been dwelling in these hamlets. These families have been deprived of drinking water, road, electricity and housing facilities.

“The people here have been living as aboriginals from centuries. The residents complained that the politicians promise to provide basic facilities during polls. But, do not turn up after the results. Therefore, we have decided not to cast our vote during this election,” resident J K Thimma said.

“The government had been publishing advertisements on providing various facilities to people belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. But, none of these facilities is reaching us,” he lamented.

Thimma further said that the residents do not have any right to own houses. The children cannot avail education as the schools are not situated nearby.

J K Mutta urged the elected representatives to come and look at the fate of the residents in the hamlets.

The residents said that the boycott will not be withdrawn at any cost.