Kumaradhara river sees low water-level in Subrahmanya

Kumaradhara river's low water levels worry Subrahmanya's residents

Puttur Assistant Commissioner Dr Yathish Ullal said that measures will be taken to conserve sources of water

Kumaradhara river. Credit: DH Photo

The drastic reduction in the water-level of River Kumaradhara at Kukke Subrahmanya in Kadaba taluk has raised a lot of concerns as people are worried over an impending water crisis in peak summer.

The river, which flows near Kukke Subrahmanya, joins Gundya river near Kadaba and River Nethravathi near Uppinangady. The reduced flow has its impact on the water level in February and March, farmers said.

Normally, the river would have inflow till January end. Unfortunately, this year, one can see the sand beds and silt in the river all through its course.

Silt has accumulated in the river. One can see sand bars in the river. The reduction in water level will affect the bathing of devotees visiting Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, at Snanaghatta. 

Villagers said, “We may face acute water crisis during summer. When water level in the vented dam near Snanaghatta declines, wooden planks are placed on the vented dam to check the outflow of water.” 

Local residents said that a lot of silt had accumulated in the river. “We had urged the authorities to remove the silt before the onset of monsoon. However, no measures were initiated in this regard. Owing to the accumulation of the silt, water from the river enters road and farmland in the nearby areas.” 

Subrahmanya Gram Panchayat former vice president Rajesh N S said that there was a need to remove the silt. Further, driftwood that was brought down by floods during rainy season should be cleared.