Motorists fear lone tusker on Charmadi Ghat

Motorists fear lone tusker on Charmadi Ghat

A lone tusker spotted on Charmadi Ghat area.

A lone tusker being spotted on Charmadi Ghat frequently these days has been intimidating vehicle riders on the route. The images captured by the local people, showing the lone tusker moving about in the area, are going viral on social media.

Herds of elephants have been sneaking into agricultural lands in the neighbouring villages from the past many years. Now, elephants have been coming towards Charmadi Ghat as well.

Vehicle driver Rajesh from Banakal has said about the presence of the lone tusker in the region. He recently spotted the pachyderm near the crossroad leading to Banjarumale at the ninth curve of the Ghat. As the elephant was spotted in a closer distance, he sped the vehicle so as to escape a possible attack.

Responding to the incident, forest personnel of Baluru reserve forest region, Suresh said that several complaints have been received in this regard. The lone tusker is moving in the forest area which falls under the limit of Dakshina Kannada. The issue will be brought to the notice of the concerned officials, he added.