'Rakshaka Sangama' on April 7

'Rakshaka Sangama' on April 7

Shri Sharada Mathru Mandali office-bearers at the press conference organised at Patrika Bhavan in Mangaluru.

‘Rakshaka Sangama’, an unique event to commemorate the decennial celebrations of Shri Sharadha Samskara Kendras, part of Shri Sharada Mathru Mandali, will be organised on the premises of Vidyadayini High School on Sunday at 3 pm, said Shri Sharada Mathru Mandali President Gunavathi Ramesh and Shri Sharada Mahotsava Samithi President N Krishna Shetty.

Addressing a press conference here, recently, they said during the Sangama, 11 trainers, ‘Akkandiru’, donors including the management of Idya Mahalingeshwara temple, who had supported the Samskara Kendras will be felicitated on the occasion.

Sharadha Samskara Kendra Decennnial Committee Convenor Vilasini Bhat said the need for imparting value education which the children were not receiving in schools or at homes was felt. Thus Samskara Kendra was launched in Idya Mahalingeshwara temple in 2008 with the objective to make children law-abiding citizens. During weekends hundreds of children in the age group of 7 to 14 spend over two hours learning Sanskrit, Mahabharat, Ramayan among others.

“We also conduct different activities, personality development workshop and help children fine-tune their communication skills,” she said.

Today, there are three such centres, including Idya Mahalingeshwara temple. The other two are Kadambodi Ashraya Vedike and Sharada Mandira in Hosabettu. The teachers are known as ‘Akkas’, she said.

“The teachers who do not resort to caning while helping children learn Vedas among others should be seen as sisters (Akkas),” Vilasini Bhat stressed.

So far 700 students had been benefited from such Samskar Kendras, Gunavathi Ramesh said.

‘Rakshaka Sangama’, will be inaugurated by Agari Enterprises, Suratkal Owner Agari Raghavendra Rao and well known writer Ambathanaya Mudradi will be the main resource person.

A souvenir, `Dashama Rashmi’, will be released by Ayurveda Panchakarma expert Dr Nanda Pai, Decennial Committee Secretary Tara Dhanuraj said.