Repair of Khandya-Balegadde bridge commences

Repair of Khandya-Balegadde bridge commences

Experts visited the damaged hanging bridge at Balegadde in Chikkamagaluru district.

The work on repairing the damaged hanging bridge at Balegadde commenced on Thursday. The bridge across River Bhadra was damaged in the fury of the floods. 

The bridge provides connectivity between Khandya-Balegadde and was built at a cost of Rs 43 lakh. 

A team of ten people led by hanging bridge expert Girish Bharadwaj visited the spot on Thursday and commenced the repair work. 

He said, "The bridge will be repaired temporarily. It will take one month to complete the work. The work will be taken up at a cost of Rs 15 lakh. Tonnes of garbage that was washed in by the flood was cleared with the help of the villagers." 

Local resident Sandesh Balegadde said, "About 42 families are residing at Balegadde. Hundreds of people use the bridge for their daily commute. The residents were inconvenienced with damage to the bridge. Children had to travel 24-km to reach Sangameshwara Pete school without the bridge. The distance between Sangameshwara Pete from Balegadde is only three kilometres. We want a hanging bridge on which an auto can ply in case of emergency."