Road leading to Irpu Falls caves in

Road leading to Irpu Falls caves in

The road leading to the falls is damaged due to landslides.

Even though Irpu Falls is in splendour the visitors are deprived of visiting the place as the road leading to the waterfalls has caved in.

Massive landslides have occurred in two different places on the road. Tourists may not be able to witness the falls for the next two to three months till the road is completely restored.

Also, the steps on the road leading to Irpu Falls have been damaged and the hillock on the left side of the main entrance to the waterfalls has caved in.

Due to landslides, a trench has been created at a distance of 20 foot from the hanging bridge near the waterfalls and huge trees have uprooted nearby. The waterfalls viewing point is filled with slush.

The local people opine that they are witnessing a landslide of such a huge magnitude for the first time in their life.

There has been a rainfall of 95 inches from June till date and more than 50 inches of rain has been recorded during the last four days alone.