Snanaghatta in Dharmasthala damaged

Snanaghatta in Dharmasthala damaged

The damaged Snanaghatta area in Dharmasthala. DH Photo/Govindraj Javali

The flood in River Nethravathi has taken a toll on entire ‘Snanaghatta’ (Bathing place), on the banks of the river, at Dharmasthala in Belthangady taluk.

The view point at the ‘Snanaghatta’ has caved in posing danger to visitors.

The collapse of the retaining wall at the vented dam resulted in flow of water to the autorickshaw parking stand beside the road.

Mohan, an auto driver, told DH, “The flood has washed away everything in the vicinity. This is the first time that such a massive flood has occurred.”

“Earlier, the rise in water level would only inundate ‘Snanaghatta’ area and not damage the entire structures.”

Manager of Snanaghatta said all the interlocks had been damaged. Pebbles, washed on to the ashore by flood waters, were found scattered all over the area.“All the signboards had been damaged. Further, the structure erected to help women change the dress was also washed away,” the manager said.