Spurt in vector-borne diseases worry people in Kodagu

Spurt in vector-borne diseases worry people in Kodagu

Parents wait with their children in a queue at District Children's Hospital in Madikeri.

The onset of monsoon has seen a spurt in cases of fever and mosquito-borne diseases in the district.

Patients suffering from fever have been visiting government hospitals and private hospitals for treatment.

The change in the weather has led to concerns about communicable diseases spreading among the public.

Over 30 family members in Thorenooru near Kushalnagar have been suffering from fever. Even after availing treatment, the fever had not subsided and people are forced to visit the hospitals again. Some have already left for Mysuru to avail the treatment.

There is a fear of a rise in Dengue and Chikungunya cases. The stagnation of water following drizzle has lead to a lack of cleanliness in a few villages. The stagnation of water is helping the breeding of mosquitoes.

The number of patients visiting private clinics, private hospitals, Primary Health Centres (PHC) and Community Health Centres (CHC) is on the rise for the last week. 

On Saturday, there was a beeline of patients at District Children's Hospital. Majority of them had brought their children as they were suffering from fever. Parents alleged that there are no expert doctors at the hospital. Students from Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences are treating the patients. 

Due to the shortage of doctors at a majority of PHCs, the patients are finding it difficult to avail treatment for fever. The condition of the district hospital is also no different with a lack of doctors.

Since January, 10 H1N1, 6 dengue, 3 Chikungunya and 165 typhoid cases have been reported in Kodagu district.

Doctors have urged people suffering from vomiting, headache, joint paint and continuous fever to approach a doctor immediately without any negligence.

With the change in weather, the diseases are common. Hence, even a healthy person should take precautionary measures. One should ensure that water does not remain stagnant in their surroundings. Boiled water along with hot food should be consumed, said the doctors.

DHO Dr K Mohan said, "Cough, fever and cold are common during the monsoon. There is a stock of medicines in all the hospitals. The public need not panic."