‘Submit proposal on boundary of Kalasa taluk’

‘Submit proposal on boundary of Kalasa taluk’

The map of Kalasa taluk for approval.

The proposal on the extent of the boundaries of Kalasa taluk should be submitted to the government, District In-charge Minister C T Ravi has said.

“The opinions of Athikoodige and Magundi villagers should be collected while including these villages in the periphery of the taluk,” he has added.

Speaking at a meeting on the boundary of Kalasa taluk, Ravi said that the opinion of the residents of Athikoodige and Magundi villages should be collected and suitable action should be taken.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Kumar said, “A proposal by including five village accountants circles of Mavinakere, Samse, Thotadooru, Hidakani and Marasanige has been prepared. The Kalasa taluk will include 13 revenue villages of Thanoodi, Thotadooru, Talagodu, Ambinakodige, Hemmakki, Horanadu, Mavinakere, K Kelagooru, Yadooru, Hidakani, Marasanige, Kalakodu and Samse and 382 hamlets with a population of 31,000. Jaavali, Balooru, Niduvale and Sunkasale gram panchayats have passed a resolution against the inclusion of the villages in Kalasa taluk.”

MLA M P Kumaraswamy said, “Let us submit a proposal as per the suggestions given by various associations and elected representatives.”

Deputy Commissioner Dr Bagadi Gautham was present.