Rescued tigress gets treatment at rehabilitation centre

Treatment for rescued tigress

The tigress which was captured at Balele near Gonikoppa is being treated at a tiger rehabilitation centre in Mysuru.

The tigress, rescued at Balele on Wednesday, is being treated at the tiger rehabilitation centre in Koorgalli in Mysuru district.

The condition of the big cat is good, said Hunsur Wildlife Division veterinary officer Dr Muzib Rehman.

It is said that the tigress which was returning to the forest from the coffee plantation in Balele, which is only one-and-a-half-kilometre away, got stuck in the noose in the morning.

When it tried to release itself from the noose, a part of its abdomen was hurt. However, there is no external injury.

The tigress will be treated in the cage for a week. Later, it will be released into the tiger rehabilitation centre.