Tribals disappointed over mobile Aadhaar enrolment

Tribals disappointed over mobile Aadhaar enrolment

Tribal people who came for Aadhaar registration conducted by the district administration at Ashrama School in Nittur on Thursday.

Members of tribal communities eager to enrol for Aadhaar, returned disappointed as the mobile Aadhaar registration vehicle launched by the district administration failed to turn up at the venue.

As informed to them, the tribal people from the Nittur region had assembled at the Ashrama School on Thursday morning, for the Aadhaar registration camp. The people, after availing of leave from their work, had waited till afternoon. But, as the registration team did not arrive, they left the venue disappointed.

Hundreds of people, along with their children, had come for the Aadhaar registration drive, from Nitturu, Tattekere, Dalimbethota, Bendekutti and Kollihaadi areas.

Speaking to media, Taluk Panchayat member Prakash said that a planned and methodical approach is needed while implementing such programmes.

“The objective behind such drive fails if officials themselves do not turn up, after giving lot of publicity. Had the concerned informed about the cancellation of the drive earlier, the labourers could have gone to their work. But, due to lack of mismanagement, the tribal people were not only deprived of getting Aadhaar enrolment but have also lost a day’s wage,” he lamented.