Tribals stir for permanent habitats

Tribals stir for permanent habitats

People of tribal communities staged a protest in front of ITDP office in Madikeri.

Under the aegis of Kodagu Zilla Budakattu Karmikara Sangha, people belonging to tribal communities, staged a protest in front of the ITDP office recently.

They demanded that the government should provide permanent rehabilitation and title deeds to the residents in line houses of coffee estates in the district.

The protestors accused the panchayat administration and the ITDP officials of having neglected tribals. “ No measures were taken towards the development of infrastructure in tribal hamlets,” they charged.

Women protestors alleged that during the protest, ITDP officials had ill-treated protestors in an inhuman manner.

“Basic facilities were not provided to protestors, especially women, on Wednesday night. ITDP officials threatened protestors of dire consequences if they do not leave the venue,” they added.

Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy visited the protest spot and assured measures like provision of sites to the tribal community. A survey was being carried out in this regard, she added. The protest was withdrawn after DC’s assurances.