‘Virupa’ to hit screens on April 12

‘Virupa’ to hit screens on April 12

A still from the Kannada movie ‘Virupa’.

A Kannada film capturing the life of three children in Hampi will hit the screens across Karnataka on April 12.

Briefing reporters here, Director Puneek Shetty said that movie titled ‘Virupa’ has been named after three characters – Vincent (real name Sahel from Bhatkal), Rustum (real name Charan from Tumakuru) and Paksha (real name Vishnu from Hosapete).

Incidentally, two of the child actors--Sahel and Charan are specially abled. While Sahel is visually impaired, Charan is deaf-and-dumb.

He said that synchronised sound recording has been used in the movie. The screenplay and story is also by Shetty.

The movie revolves around poverty, life of children in rural areas and urban areas. It showcases the life of people in Hampi, including the guides. The movie, while capturing the beauty of Hampi also spreads the message of communal harmony.

He said the children, who never had any acting experience, were trained for 15 to 20 days.

The team had also been trained as shooting involved two physically challenged children.
The movie will be screened in all three multiplexes in Mangaluru.

Executive Producer Dixsun J D’Souza said it was a children’s movie and the duration was 100 minutes.

“We are not getting theatres to screen the  movie. The profit we earn from the movie will be used for the betterment of special children.”

Artist Dinesh Holla said that one Daniel from France had also acted in the movie. Daniel loves India and Hampi is his favourite destination.