Wild elephants damage crops in villages

Wild elephants damage crops

The crops damaged by elephants at Halagote near Kushalnagar.

A herd of elephants have strayed into the villages situated on the periphery of the forest in Hebbale Gram Panchayat and damaged the crops.

The crops such as coffee, banana and coconuts cultivated on three-acre farmland belonging to Ashok and Brahmayya have been completely damaged at Halagote.

Fifteen to 20 elephants have strayed into the villages. Further, paddy, ragi and jowar cultivated by Basavaraju, Suresh and Nagesh too have been damaged.

The pipes laid in the fields have also been damaged.

"We have been facing the elephant menace for the last several years. In spite of bringing the issue to the notice of the officials, no measures have been taken to check the menace. The solar fences laid on the periphery of the forest have been damaged. This helps the elephants to enter the villages," said the farmers.

Karnataka Raitha Sangha office-bearer S R Manjunath has urged the government to disburse compensation for the loss of crops.