Wildlife consuming plastic, captured on camera

Wildlife consuming plastic, captured on camera

Shocking photos captured by amateur wildlife photographer Appaneravanda Kunjappa, reveal wild animals trying to eat the plastic covers, for want of food leftovers, discarded by tourists in the forest areas of Kodagu.

Recent photos of the wildlife of Kodagu captured by an amateur photographer has created deep concern among environmentalists.

The boom in tourism activities in Kodagu has ended up generating a lot of plastic waste.

Sadly, the waste discarded by the tourists, are fed upon by the wild animals, without realising that the plastic waste will be detrimental to their lives.

Amateur wildlife photographer Appaneravanda Kunjappa has clicked photographs of animals like deers and monkeys chewing upon the plastic waste.

Hundreds of vehicles pass through the state and national highways situated in reserved forest areas in Kodagu district.

The tourists who move in the vehicles have been recklessly discarding plastic waste in the forest areas, after eating food.

Wild animals which come in search of food eat the plastic bags for the leftovers within them. But, the plastic waste acts as a poison for them.

Animal lovers said that the plastic ban is implemented effectively. Even though the Forest Department has displayed signboards asking tourists not to discard plastic waste inside the forests, the visitors simply don't care.

"It seems that the people expect the animals to unlock the plastic covers and feed on the leftovers. But, this is not possible. The animals are attracted by the food leftovers inside the plastic covers. Being unable to open the covers, they chew upon the entire plastic covers. The plastic gets stuck in the throat, causing suffocation and later, death. Even if the animals swallow the plastic, it accumulates in their stomach, resulting in a slow death. The lackadaisical attitude of tourists has been claiming the lives of innocent animals," said the animal conservatives.

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