Youth should work to preserve Kodava culture, says MLC

Youth should work to preserve Kodava culture, says MLC

MLC Veena Achaiah releases the logo of Makkanduru Kodava Samaja women's team.

The youth should not succumb to addictions. Instead, they should work with a commitment to preserve Kodava culture, said MLC Sunil Subramani M P.

Inaugurating the ‘Puttari Urorme’ and ‘Kol Mandh’ organised by Kodava Samaja in Makkanduru recently, he said that today, the real Kodava culture is alive in rural areas and it is the duty of everyone to preserve the same.

“The youth should gather knowledge on Kodava culture and should take over the responsibility of passing the knowledge to the next generation,” he added.

Codava National Council president N U Nachappa said that there is a necessity for Kodavas to claim the tribal status, as per the Constitution, through a peaceful struggle.

Traditional ‘Kolata’ was performed after offering prayers at Sri Bhadrakaleshwari Temple in Makkanduru and taking out a procession to ‘Ummetti Kol Mandh’.

‘Kattiyatt’, ‘Bolakkatt’ and ‘Ummattatt’ were also performed.

The new logo of the women’s team of Makkanduru Kodava Samaja was released by MLC Veena Achaiah, while N U Nachappa released the logo of the youth team.

Kodava Samaja president Napanda M Kalappa presided over the programme. Entrepreneur Aichettira Bopanna and others were present.