Modi did nothing for Kannadigas: CM

Modi did nothing for Kannadigas: CM

In picture: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. DH Photo.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the latter had no right to canvass for votes in the state.

The prime minister had done nothing for Karnataka and was anti-Kannadiga, Siddaramaiah said, in response to Modi's claim that he was a Kannadiga. He was addressing a campaign meeting for Congress candidate B R Yavagal.

"Modi has not taken steps to resolve the Mahadayi row nor has he waived loans taken by the state's farmers. He has not approved the state's proposal for the Kannada flag, even three months after it was sent to the Centre. How can he be a Kannadiga? Modi's game will not succeed here," said the chief minister.

BJP was ridden with groupism, while the Congress had no factions, he said.