No vacancy for CM post in Karnataka: Siddaramaiah

No vacancy for CM post in Karnataka: Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Deputy CM G Parameshwara and Coalition Coordination Committee chairman Siddaramaiah. DH file photo.

Responding to Karnataka Deputy CM G Parameshwara's statement that he is ready to take up the responsibility of chief minister, Coalition Coordination Committee chairman Siddaramaiah said there is no vacancy of chief minister's post in Karnataka.

Speaking to media persons at Hubballi Airport here on Sunday, he said Parameshwara has expressed only his capabilities of becoming chief minister. "There are several leaders in Congress who are capable of becoming chief minister. However, only the high command and MLAs will take a call on this." While speaking to reporters at Belagavi, Dy CM said that he is ready to take on the responsibility as chief minister if the high command wishes.

At present, given the fraction mandate, the Congress has given chief minister post to Jds and there is no vacancy for cm post now.

He said the Union government is misusing central investigating agencies and it should take prior permission from the State government before taking action in Karnataka.

"As per the Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act, the investigation agency has to take prior permission from either State government or courts before investigation. And the state government had earlier too instructed the CBI to take prior permission before investigating, " he said and added there is a need to impose restriction as Union government is misusing CBI, he said.