Quiet flows the Tunga, as shores turn vote banks

Quiet flows the Tunga, as shores turn vote banks

Quiet flows the Tunga, as shores turn vote banks

Residents of the two localities, most of them labourers are  accommodative and tolerant of each other. The Hindus of Kolluraiahkeri had ‘dawat’ for Eid from their Muslim neighbours on Saturday. The Muslim-dominated Jannathpalya celebrated holi with great fervour on Monday.

Nothing had divided the communities so far, but a few hours of madness did. Mistrust and suspicion now rule where amity and friendship did. A hyperactive rumour mill has led to minorities in both localities to desert their houses and seek refuge with friends elsewhere in the City.

Many houses were found locked at Kolluraiahakeri and SPM Street in the City on Wednesday. Muslim families, most of them poor wage labourers fled on Monday to safer places. Most have sought asylum in the houses of their relatives at localities where their community has stronger presence.

The house of Abdul Gafar was attacked by miscreants on Monday evening. Household goods and furniture were torched. Neighbours immediately rushed for help and succeeded in dousing the flame. T G Ghafar, uncle of Abdul and a freedom fighter told Deccan Herald that “the family is yet to emerge from shock and grief.”

Neighbours said that although alerted immediately, police arrived at the spot after the attackers had fled. Krishnappa, a resident of the locality said that in wake of the violent incidents in the City, he and other neighbours tried to make them feel secure by asking them to spend the night in their houses.
“However, they were not prepared to live under constant threat, and moved to the houses of their relatives.”

People of Kolluraiahkeri speak of a thousand-strong crowd armed with lethal weapons approaching their locality on Monday, that was quelled by police just in time.
Residents of Jannathpalya have similar tales to narrate. Stones rained on their houses on Monday night. Vested interests with vote banks in mind seem to be at work.
Policing also involves dispelling rumours and instill confidence among the people. But, instead of offering protection for the locality where houses were ransacked by miscreants, police have asked the people to protect themselves.

Nagaraj, a resident of the locality who is involved in money lending business was livid.
“Do the police expect us to get armed with weapons and retaliate when we are attacked? Such a situation will lead to civil war. It is the responsibility of the administration to protect the life and property of civilians by deploying necessary security personnel in the City.”
He seems to have spoken for the whole of the City.
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