Rampant sea erosion sinks residents' hope in Maravanthe

Rampant sea erosion sinks residents' hope in Maravanthe

Some of the coconut trees were uprooted while others were washed awaydue to sea erosion at Maravanthe beach.

Rampant sea erosion at the outer fisheries harbour in Maravanthe has left the residents worried. The sea erosion has intensified near the sea wall located towards the northen side of the outer harbour. 

Of the 2,000-metre long shoreline, 5 to 6 metres of the shoreline have already been washed away by the waves. Many coconut trees caught in the fury of waves have been
either uprooted or washed away.

The sea erosion is now just inches away from swallowing Karavali Road which provides connectivity to the inhabited area.

Houses are also facing a threat from sea erosion, residents said.  The Department of Port and Fisheries had tried to check sea erosion by dumping boulders. Fishermen had placed sang bags to check erosion. As a result, the erosion has shifted towards northern side.

Meenugarara Seva Samithi President Mohan Kharvi and Gram Panchayat member Lokesh Kharvi said the authorities should initiate preventive measures to protect houses and road from sea erosion. The elected representatives and officials are aware about the problem, he added.

“A permanent sea wall should be constructed,” demanded residents.