State to hike monthly allowance for artistes

State to hike monthly allowance for artistes

Representative images. (Photo/Pixabay)

Kannada and Culture Minister C T Ravi said that the state government would increase the monthly allowance provided to artistes by Rs 500.

Speaking to reporters, he said that the Cabinet has already approved the decision and an order will be issued soon. "We are aware of the financial condition of artists in the state. However, the current situation in the state prevented us from increasing it any further," he said.

Noting that Manjamma Jogathi, a transgender was appointed as the chairperson of Karnataka Janapada Academy, Ravi said that such an opportunity was provided for the very first time.

In a stinging remark, Ravi said the BJP government had not appointed 'homewreckers' to various cultural and literary bodies.

"We are bound to work towards the improvement of art, literature and culture. However, we have kept those who divide the community away and have not provided any power to 'homewreckers'. Such people destroy everything if they are in places of power. Therefore, academy members and chairpersons were selected carefully," he said.