KSRP staff go beyond beat, build tank near Koppal

Beating water blues

Water from Tungabhadra dam helps fill the tank constructed on the premises of the Karnataka State Reserve Police Training Centre near Koppal. dh photo

Employees of the Karnataka State Reserve Police Training Centre have created a revolution of sorts by constructing a tank to end the water woes in the drought-prone region.

The water body, constructed a few days ago, is now full and is meeting the water needs of the people in Hosahalli near Munirabad in the district.

The tank has been constructed on the premises of the training centre, with a dimension of 220 metres in length, 80 metres in width and 10 metres in depth.

It also has a 35-foot bund constructed without harming any nearby structure.

A sum of Rs 1.5 crore has been spent for the construction, with contributions from industrialists and the public. The centre is also home to six borewells, including four which have fluoride-free water. The tank has improved the water table in the area.

The tank has been built under the guidance of Dr Ramakrishna Muddepal, principal of the training centre, and under the leadership of inspector Satish. The water body is now helping in resolving the drinking water woes of the people in summer.

Water is pumped to the tank through pipelines from the Tungabhadra reservoir. A few industries have provided pumps to supply water from the dam. The reservoir authorities have agreed to supply water to the tank thrice every year. Groundwater is not replenished directly by water from the reservoir as the hilly forest of Kasanakandi is between the dam and Hosahalli.

The India Reserve Battalion training centre is spread over 166 acres, housing 5,000 people of the families of 1,200 personnel in 650 houses and is a mini town in itself. The water problems of the township have now more or less been resolved.  

The water is used for non-drinking purposes and also for drinking purposes after purification.

The training centre officials have also been creating awareness among the people on the need to conserve water.

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