HDK bats for 'regionalism' against govt's 'negligence'

Kumaraswamy pushes 'regionalism' citing 'negligence' by Centre towards people of Karnataka

The former Chief Minister also lamented over the 'attitude of detachment' by politicians towards issues concerning the state

He also took a dig at the infighting within the Congress and BJP on the next CM issue. Credit: PTI Photo

JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy on Tuesday urged the people of Karnataka to give thrust to "regionalism" in order to put an end to "neglect and injustice" meted out to the State by the Centre. He termed lack of unity among politicians in the State on such issues as both "threat" and "misfortune".

The former Chief Minister also lamented over the "attitude of detachment" by politicians towards issues concerning the state, as he urged the people to give more strength to regional parties in order to protect "regional identity" and the rights of the people.

"Let there be no doubt on this, most of our public representatives, except a few, show an attitude of detachment towards issues concerning the State.This is the biggest threat that we are facing today," the son of former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda said in response to a question.

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Speaking to reporters here, he pointed out that in neighbouring Tamil Nadu, the two Dravidian parties AIADMK and DMK are political opponents, but on the issue concerning their state, like Mekedatu, they work unitedly.

"It is a misfortune that we don't have the unity that they have.If we have to stand against the injustice meted out to us by Centre's decisions, it is not possible until we unite and fight with one voice...to put an end to neglect that we are facing, people of the state will have to give more thrust to regionalism," he added.

The JD(S) leader recently claimed that like other South Indian states, Karnataka too will reject the national parties during the 2023 Assembly polls and choose a regional party, as people don't want the administration here to be run by high commands sitting in Delhi.

Citing the rise of regional parties in West Bengal and neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Kumaraswamy said only if strength is given to regional parties, the regional identity of the people and their rights can be protected. "Regional parties lend their voice and give strength to fight for the cause of the people, we are experiencing it in several parts of the country now," he said. Kumaraswamy alleged that the two national parties, the Congress and BJP, which the people of Karnataka have "nurtured" so far, on coming to power have neglected the state's issues, whether it is concerning land, water or language.

The JD(S) led by former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda is the only major regional political party in Karnataka, which is currently ruled by the BJP.

Taking a dig at infighting within the Congress and BJP on the next CM issue, the JD(S) leader said they are not concerned about the issues faced by the people of the state.

"Congress which is the principal opposition party in the state, did not speak at all on the Kasaragod and Manjeshwara issue," he said. It is the JD(S) that raised voice on the matter, as also on matters concerning Kannada language, aimed at protecting "Karnataka Asmite" (Karnataka's identity), he claimed.

Kumaraswamy, who had written to Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan asking him to halt the reported renaming of places in the Kannada-speaking regions of Kasaragod and Manjeshwara, on Tuesday said the government there had denied such moves.

Regarding calls for "Dalit CM" after 2023 polls that have cropped up in the Congress party, Kumaraswamy said, they did not make one when they had an opportunity in 2008 and in 2018, when he had offered an unconditional support to the national party to form the government under the leadership of Mallikarjun Kharge.

There is also a fight between "old guard" and "new migrants" in the Congress, he said, adding, "it won't end for now, it will continue, and that party will have to bear the consequences for supporting those who "backstabbed" JD(S)."

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