No threat to stability of HDK govt: Cong

No threat to stability of HDK govt: Cong

PTI file photo.

As rumblings in its Karnataka unit over the coalition government are getting shriller, the Congress high command has instructed its state leaders not to talk publicly about their differences with alliance partner the JD(S).

Scotching speculation about the continuing support to the H D Kumaraswamy government, the party insisted that there is no instability in the JD(S)-Congress coalition government.

The party top brass instructed the state leaders to raise any dispute regarding their coalition partner only in the co-ordination committee meetings instead of going to the media.

“Differences on several issues are common since arch political rivals have joined hands in forming the government. Such issues will be resolved amicably,” a senior leader said.

“Since Congress itself offered unconditional support to the JD(S) for formation of the government and offered the chief ministership, onus of stability of the government also lies on us,” he said.

The question of Congress creating troubles for the government does not arise since Congress president Rahul Gandhi has clearly told the state leadership to ensure the stability of the government.

The senior leader claimed that Rahul had even assured Kumaraswamy that he will be the chief minister for full five-year term. In such a situation, there is no need for others to raise questions over the stability of the government, he said.

When Kumaraswamy met Rahul recently, he also raised the issue of Congress leaders talking out of turn and requested him to instruct his party leaders to raise the issue only in the co-ordination committee.

Questions have been raised over the stability of the government after a video of former chief minister and co-ordination committee chairman Siddaramaiah expressing his unhappiness over Kumaraswamy presenting full budget, went viral.