'Videos posted by police have made Muslims insecure'

'Videos posted by police have made Muslims insecure'

Udupi-Chikmagalur-Hassan Khazi P M Ibrahim Musliyaar Bekal on Thursday said the video clippings, posted on social media by police and telecast on some TV channels, have made Muslims look like terrorists.

“The police are looking at us with suspicion,” revealed the Khazi, who is widely respected by his community.

“After the Golibar incident, Muslims are feeling insecure," SYS Karnataka secretary AMSM Zaini Kamil said quoting the Justice Sachar Committee report on the conditions of Indian muslims.

Kamil told media persons in Mangaluru that the Muslim congregations in the past, which had exceeded a lakh, has been disciplined and peaceful.

Leaders from half a dozen Muslim organisations, including SJU, SMA, SSF, SYS, said Muslims feel unsafe even in the presence of policemen.

The leaders said the golibar was not warranted as the violence was not a Hindu-Muslim conflict. The leaders, displaying a video clipping of cops preventing a Muslim father from going with his wailing wife and daughter, said those behind the "police excess" should be punished.

They wondered why the police were selectively uploading video clippings of the violence. “Why are they not showing the video footage of protesters entering Bunder police station? Why are they not showing video clippings with police lobbing tear gas shells and firing at the crowd ?,” the leaders sought answers from the police. They said they have no hopes on CID conducting a fair investigation.

“In order to gain the community’s confidence, the government should initiate Judicial Enquiry into the Golibar incident,” the leaders urged.