What to expect tomorrow in Karnataka Assembly?   

What to expect tomorrow in Karnataka Assembly?   

As the BS Yeddyurappa government braces for a crucial floor test in the Karnataka Assembly on Saturday, here is a possible line up of events:
* MLAs will reach the Assembly by 11 am: Congress and JD(S) MLAs may begin their journey tonight (Friday) from Hyderabad if they cannot confirm a flight for tomorrow.

 * Pro-tem Speaker K G Bopaiah will administer the oath for elected members.

 * Normally, the Pro-tem Speaker oversees the election of the Speaker before any floor test. But in this case, the Supreme Court has insisted that the Pro-tem Speaker should conduct the test. 

* In case of a tie, the Speaker's vote will decide the fate of the Yeddyurappa government.

 * At present, the Congress claims to have 78 members, JD(S) 38 (37 in effect as Kumaraswamy won from two seats) and the BJP 104. 

* One independent member is claimed to be with the BJP and the other with the Congress as of now. 

* The case of two "missing" Congress MLAs is doubtful. Even if they vote for the BJP, but the rest of the JD(S)-Congress MLAs are secure, then the BJP government will fall. 

* If they refrain from voting, the majority mark will be 111 instead of 113. The aim of the BJP would be to block as many Congress-JD(S) MLAs from attending the session.

 * If Yeddyurappa wins the floor test, the members will elect the Speaker. 

* Otherwise, the governor may invite Kumaraswamy to form the government. 

* Then, Kumaraswamy will have to take a floor test to prove his majority.

 * However, there are chances of imposing President's Rule.

* Interestingly, in 2017, the Chief Justice of the Uttarakhand High Court Justice K M Joseph cancelled the central government order imposing President's Rule in the then Congress-ruled state.