Video of Yatnal’s anti-Muslim remarks goes viral

Video of Yatnal’s anti-Muslim remarks goes viral

Basanagouda Patil Yatnal

Senior BJP leader and Bijapur City MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal is in the eye of a storm for his remarks against Muslims.

A 30-second video showing him making anti-Muslim remarks has gone viral, triggering a war of words between his supporters and rivals on social media. It is said that Yatnal, a former Union Minister of State for Railways, made the controversial remarks against the Muslims at a private function here recently.

The video shows him stating that he has directed the BJP councillors of Vijayapura city to work for Hindus and not Muslims. He further says that those wearing skull caps and hijabs should not stand in front of him.

In the video, to his question on who supported him in the recent Assembly elections, a few people say “Hindus.”

While some intellectuals and Muslim leaders have condemned Yatnal’s remarks, the MLA and his supporters have justified the statements.

“Why do you become angry if I speak for the Hindus? I spoke for one hour, but you showed only the edited version. You edit the videos to meet your requirement,” Yatnal remarked.

“Even now, I reiterate my statement that former President Abdul Kalam is a good man, but Asaduddin Owaisi is a loafer. It doesn’t become a controversy if those people speak, but it becomes a controversy if if our people speak. I know the importance of the position I hold,” the BJP leader said.

Sindagi taluk Karnataka Rakshana Vedike president Saddam K Alagur sought an unconditional apology from Yatnal for hurting the sentiments of the Muslims. “He should resign from the Assembly membership and retire from politics,” Alagur demanded.

BJP’s deputy leader in the Legislative Assembly Govind Karjol said: “We will see if Yatnal delivers better administration. We will act if he fails to deliver. I don’t want to comment further on the issue.”