Wholesale MLA trade dangerous, retail OK: Siddaramaiah

Wholesale MLA trade dangerous, retail OK: Siddaramaiah

Former chief minister Siddaramaiah attacked the BJP for its role behind the resignation of rebel MLAs and described such political developments as ‘shameful’.

Speaking on the confidence motion, he said, “Wholesale trade (of MLAs) is dangerous. Retail trade is not an issue. If one or two are traded in retail, there won’t be any problem. If they go in a wholesale manner, it causes a problem for the government,” he said.

Such political developments in Karnataka, he said, was shameful and painted a negative picture about the people of the State.

Blaming the BJP directly for the crisis, he said that 99% of the people in the state knew that the BJP was behind the horse-trading in Karnataka.

Shameful act

“Is not wholesale trade a shameful act?” he questioned, adding that a government formed due to defections will not survive long.

Recalling BJP president B S Yeddyurappa’s first term as chief minister, he questioned whether BJP leaders allowed him to be CM for five years.

“You poached nine MLAs under ‘Operation Kamala’ in 2008 - three from JD(S) and six Congress MLAs, apart from the support of six independent MLAs. Yet, they said they did not have faith in your leadership and you had to step down,” he reminded Yeddyurappa.

BJP should have worked as a strong Opposition, he said. “With 104 members, you could have kept the government on the edge. But your attempt to form the government using anti-constitutional methods is condemnable,” he added.