Youth build houses for flood-hit in Karwar

Youth build houses for flood-hit in Karwar

Showing the way

Youth build houses for flood-hit in Karwar

On October 2 last year, the floods wiped out every house in Binaga Okkalakeri and the villagers had to flee to safety to protect their lives. The entire area was inundated for a considerable period of time. Finally, after the water receded people returned to find all mud constructions destroyed. More than 30 houses in Okkalkeri were wiped out without a  trace. The Halakki tribe was literally left to sleep under the skies.

The district administration opened gruel centres to feed the affected during the floods. Later on the government identified ‘kuchcha’ and ‘pucca’ houses and distributed around Rs 36,000 as compensation. This was not enough even to purchase cement to construct a basic structure.

It was at this point that some self-reliant youth decided to unite and find a solution to the problem. They formed a team and organised the constructiion materials like gravel, sand, sheets, cement etc. Each youth took on the responsibility of handling one aspect.

They themselves became architects and engineers, designed beautiful houses, even in small sites. Within six months the youth completed construction of 19 houses and the rest 12 are under progress.  A walk through the Okkalageri now impresses one with esthetically designed houses and the smiling faces of the villagers.

After completing the remaining 12 houses the youth are planning to organise a programme and want to invite Chief MInister B S Yeddyurappa.  Social worker Ramesh Gowda, who is all appreciation for the youth said  “the Halakki tribe was not in a position to construct houses with the meagre compensation given by the government.

The youth got together and convinced the community not to spend any money from the funds given by the government and be firm on owning a good house, instead of a hut. As a result the community today has good dwellings.”