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Eleventh Hour

S Hussain Zaidi

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 299, pp 247

It’s nine years after 26/11 and some wounds haven’t yet healed. Especially not for Vikrant Singh, the Superintendent of Police. In a dramatic set of events, he ends up landing a blow on the Pakistani high commissioner’s face. Meanwhile, a cruise liner in Lakshadweep is hijacked by a few terrorists.


India Moving - A History of Migration

Chinmay Tumbe

Penguin, 2018, Rs 599, pp 285

From adventure to indenture, partition to the plantation, and from Kashmir to Kerala, this book maps the concept of migration in the country. Besides the scale, it argues that movement is integral and vital to maintaining the pluralistic nature of the country.


The Perfect Girlfriend

Karen Hamilton

Wildfire, 2018, Rs 399, pp 358

Juliette loves Nate, and they are meant to be. She is the perfect girlfriend who is determined to win him back after their break-up six months ago. In order to fix it, she follows Nate everywhere, and even becomes a flight attendant in his airlines to keep an eye on him.

Daughters of Legacy

Rinku Paul and Puja Singhal

Penguin, 2018, Rs 299, pp 191

Handling age-old legacies and gaining power through privilege can be quite a challenge, more so if you’re a woman. Through the stories of 12 successful women who grew up with strong business lineages, the author attempts to understand the scenario and explore some of the challenges faced by these women.


The Bollywood Bride

Sonali Dev

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 299, pp 294

Ria is a Bollywood star, poised and graceful until an impulsive act that threatens to expose her past. To avoid the drama, she decides to attend her cousin’s wedding in Chicago. This also means confronting Vikram, her best friend and more.


Privacy 3.0

Rahul Matthan

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 599, pp 224

In the day and age where private spaces are important to us, and yet our personal details are out there in the public through our social media posts, the author traces the history of data sharing and compromise of the same. He also touches upon the laws governing the said data.

Invisible Walls

Chandrika Balan

Niyogi Books, 2018, Rs 250, pp 128

To fall into an incompatible marriage is like falling into a narrow pit between the train and the platform, and feeling suffocated. This was what Aparna’s life felt like, and Kamala would share the same fate if she accepted Sidan’s proposal. A tale of two women, their aspirations and struggles.


Being Pakistani

Raza Rumi

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 399, pp 302

A riveting account of artistic traditions, feminine cults of the Sindh, and their significance in present-day Pakistan. This book presents an alternative view of the country, beyond the usual headlines that focus only on political instability and terrorism. It shows the artistic and the humane side of the nation.

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