Like a painting frozen in time

Frozen in time

Known for its carvings and murals, Dugari is like a miniature painting that’s a paradise for tourists, writes Chandan Sen

Sir Rudyard Kipling’s destination Bundi in Rajasthan is the first destination in the Hadoti region in Rajasthan that is accessible from Jaipur by road. Set in a narrow encircling gorge, the palaces and fortress of Bundi have a fairytale-like quality about them. Few other places in India have such a picturesque location. The ethereal beauty and grandeur of Bundi architecture are vividly brought out in the palaces of India.

The little town once famous for its Baories (reservoirs) and miniature paintings attracts travellers from far and wide as the city itself seems like a miniature painting frozen in time. The place is also a budding bird watchers’ paradise and a historical rock shelter destination.

The tinsel town has many exquisite rural excursions one of which is Dugari in Nainwa subdivision. Dugari is a paradise for tourists. The Kanak Sagar at Dugari is an attractive wetland of the region. Dugari has an undiscovered fortress that belongs to the late Maharao Sardar Singhji s/o Maharao Raja Shreeji Umaid Singhji of Bundi (1749-1804) now presently owned by his descendant Maharao Rajendra Singh. The fortress is surrounded by Kanak Sagar (around 3,000 acres) and a sandalwood forest on the other side of it. During the winter season, winged songsters throng the lake much to the joy of visitors. Near the lake stands an old fortress which is not only a historical beauty but also hosts beautiful miniature paintings in the Bundi style (at par with the Chitrashala, the miniature art gallery in Bundi Palace). The tales of raslila between Radha and Krishna and Ramayana themes are also depicted in the paintings. However, the fort looks in a little dilapidated condition and needs immediate attention for conservation and preservation. The raw untouched forests and the naïve villagers make it special.

Writer and tourist explorer Piyush Mehta from Bundi informs that “Migratory birds like pelicans, ruddy shell duck, coots, shovellers and bar-headed goose, (cormorants) etc., throng the lake every winter in large numbers.

With the fading out of coronavirus and vaccinations in place, many foreign and Indian tourists are visiting the place to savour the beauty, nature, fort and the serene ambience of Dugari’s rural landscape.

Rajendra Singh Dugari from Umaid Bagh from the erstwhile royal family of Dugari informs that “in the 17th century, the Maharawal of Udaipur had assigned the responsibility of the safety of Ranthambhore Fort to Rao Suraj Bhan.

While travelling to Ranthambhore with his queen Rani Kanakwati, Rao Suraj Bhan was so impressed with the lake that he named it after his queen and developed it as a beautiful lake.

Local villager Ramraj informed that the influx of tourists has increased rapidly and this augurs well for the tourist destination after a rather dull season of deserted conditions.

Tourists travelling to Bundi, Sawai Madhopur, Kota etc., find Dugari a fine sojourn.

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