Apply for merit scholarships

Apply for merit scholarships


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Dear Madam,

I am studying in Class 12 and have taken Arts with Psychology. I am planning to take either Criminal Psychology or Graphology as my profession. Kindly suggest some courses I can pursue in both streams and the universities that offer these courses. Also, please tell me about the fee structure and scholarships.


Dear Ulka,

In many universities around the world, Psychology is offered as a Science programme. Psychology, Biology and Chemistry would have been a good combination for a course like a Criminology or Forensic Psychology.
Since you have taken humanities at high school, you should take up BA Psychology at the undergraduate level. You could then go for your Masters, specialise in Criminal Psychology or Graphology. The fee structure for BA Psychology will vary from country to country. In the UK and New Zealand, it is a three-year course and will cost you around Rs 20-25 lakh per year for tuition and living expenses. In the US and Canada, this is a four-year course and will cost you around Rs 40-50 lakh per year for tuition and living costs. In many European universities, the tuition fee will be nominal. Merit-based scholarships are available to all deserving candidates.


Dear Madam,

I am studying second-year diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I would like to do MS in Electrical and Electronics in the UK. Can you kindly suggest some good universities in the UK, the exams I’ve to take to study there and the cost of study?

Sandeep J


Dear Sandeep,
To be eligible for a Masters in Electrical and Electronics engineering, you would require a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. Since you are a diploma holder, only some universities may accept you in their Master's programme. Most others will give you an entry into their final year of Bachelors. Alternately, you might have to do a pre-masters course. So, instead of doing a one-year Master’s course, you would be pursuing your studies in the UK for two years. The cost would be around Rs 25 lakh a year for tuition and living expenses put together. The only exam you need to write is the IELTS academic test.


Dear Madam,

My son is studying in third- year Architecture and wants to do his internship abroad. Kindly suggest some opportunities for the same.

Also suggest a suitable Master’s programme for Architecture students in Europe, Australia, the US, along with the
admission process.



Dear Shekhar,
Your son can pursue courses like Masters in Architecture, Project Management, Interior Design and Construction Management. These programmes are offered in all the countries you have mentioned. He needs to take an English language test like TOEFL iBT or IELTS academic. For US universities, he also needs to write the GRE. As far as internships are concerned, there are three options: You approach a professional company that provides internship opportunities abroad, you use your personal contacts in other countries or check if the School where he is currently pursuing his BArch has internship arrangements with organisations in other countries.


Dear Madam,

I have done a five-year Integrated BA LLB and a 2-year MSc in Criminology & Forensic Science. Currently, I am doing one year Masters in LLM with specialisation in Corporate & Business Law. I am interested in doing another one year Masters in LLM in Cyber Law & Security or in Financial or White Collar Crimes. Kindly guide me to reputed overseas universities.

Sannidhi R


Dear Sannidhi,
I would suggest you pursue your LLM in the UK as most of their universities are recognised by the Bar Council of India. Also in the UK, the LLM programme is a one-year course. University of Law, Nottingham Trent University, Westminster University, Middlesex University, Northumbria University, Aston University and the University of Manchester offer these courses.


Dear Madam,

My son is doing a Master’s in Law at Cardiff University, UK. He will complete his studies by September. He wants to work for some time after his studies at the UK. How to get a work visa? What are the job opportunities there? Kindly guide.


Dear Vijaya,
Your son should register for the Legal Practice Course (LPC) or pursue the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) programme. Getting a work visa in the UK is not easy but not impossible either. Students are given four months after their course to find employment. In order to get a work visa, known as the Tier 2 visa, applicants must find sponsorship from an employer. Your son could work in a solicitor’s office, any commercial law firm. He could also consider pursuing a PhD which is generally fully funded and will give him more time in the country to find employment.

Dear Madam,

I just finished my BBA and I want to pursue MBA. But I am confused about the right course, university and the country.



Dear Sannathi,
If you are keen on an MBA, work for three to four years and then apply. If you wish to continue your studies now, pursue an MBM, MS or MSc in any one of the areas of specialisation like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, etc. For an MBA course, taking the GMAT is advisable. Masters programmes suggested above are for a duration of one year in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia and for a duration of two years in other countries. While choosing a university, take into consideration the tuition fees, scholarships, job opportunities, stay back options etc.