Coding and robotics: Crucial skills for tech savvy kids

Coding, robotics and AI: Crucial skills for tech savvy kids

Learning coding and robotics has become as essential a life skill.

Like the evolution of records to cassettes, CDs, DVDs and then mp3 players, all the way to the current cloud based world of music, every generation is witnessing an evolution in technology. Every aspect of life witnesses change with the transformation of technology. We have made giant strides in every industry because those who push the edge of knowledge to discover more and innovate within those discoveries and inventions.

Today’s children take to smartphones, tablets and even voice assistants like fish take to water, simply because it is a part of their environment. Therefore, it is now essential to introduce them to an education where the presence of these technology is deeply integrated into the curriculum.

Education in STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has increasingly been recognised as an effective route to teach children the right skills for a successful future.

Learning coding and robotics has become an essential a life skill. Through effective STEM education and classes in coding and robotics, children learn a host of essential life skills. 

Creative skills: Coding encourages children to think creatively to find the right solutions.

Problem solving skills: Building programmes and robots encourages curiosity and problem-solving.

Academic skills: Coding puts your child ahead on the professional learning curve.

Soft skills: Working in a team and heading solo projects teaches your child essential soft skills.

Apart from being an essential skill in the world of today, coding improves logic, focus and concentration and equips you with problem solving abilities. That is why we say it is an important skill for the 21st century generations, as it helps in all professional fields.

Artificial Intelligence is a natural evolution from learning the basic languages of coding. AI is everywhere. It is the most transformative technology of our time that is currently being deployed in various business sectors as well as consumers worldwide. The future of AI is bright and growing exponentially.

For example, Google Maps, helps us plan our journeys. Amazon helps us in shopping. We can talk to Alexa just like we talk to another human being. We cannot see AI, like we cannot see our mind. But we all use AI.

Understanding and learning to use AI is therefore going to be a skill worth reckoning with in the near future.

(The author is CEO of an institute that offers courses in AI, robotics, coding and STEM)