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Dear Madam,

My son is in eighth-semester Mechanical engineering. He wants to pursue his MS in Technical as well as Management studies. He has written IELTS and is planning to take up GRE. Kindly suggest us good international universities as well as the procedures to apply. Do we need to take the assistance of any consultancies or can we apply ourselves directly?



Dear Vindhya,

The University of Waterloo, Canada offers a course called MBET for students who are interested in business, entrepreneurship and technology. Alternately, your son can pursue an Engineering-Management course, which is offered by most universities in almost all the countries. Take the help of a consultant whose services include admissions, scholarships, housing and visa. Work with someone who you are comfortable with. Don’t go to a very large organisation where you have to deal with too many people. This area of work needs personalised dedicated services from an expert. Except for UK, New Zealand and Australia, all other countries would also require the GRE apart from having IELTS.


Dear Madam,

My son is in his final-year MBBS in a premier government medical college. He would like to take up USMLE and study in the US. He says, he would like to take a break during his house surgeon course and prepare for USMLE at the US. He has been told that if he takes a break it would help him crack USMLE and get into better universities for further study. I would like to know if this is advisable? Also, suggest some good and affordable universities for medical studies in the US.



Dear Ravishankar,

Generally, students complete USMLE 1 and USMLE 2 from India and go to the US to complete USMLE 3, which is Residency. After MBBS, he can apply for a Master’s programme, prepare for USMLE 3 while studying for the Masters and after completion of USMLE 3, apply for residency in a hospital. Some of the best universities to study medicine are Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, University of California San Francisco, UCLA, Washington University, MIT and Yale. The more affordable universities are Wisconsin Madison, Ohio State, University of Central Florida, University of Texas, UC Davis and University of Michigan and University of North Carolina.

Dear Madam,

I am in the third semester of Computer Science engineering. I wish to pursue my higher studies in the aviation field. Kindly guide me regarding the preparation for the same and about the best academies

Krithi Chandrashekar


Dear Krithi,

Embry Riddle, Florida Institute of Technology, San Jose State University, Western Michigan University, Purdue and the University of North Dakota are among the best for aviation in the US. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy UK, Singapore flying college, OSM Aviation Academy Norway, European Flight Academy Germany, Keilir Academy Iceland, Olympus Aviation Academy Greece, Skies Airline Training Sweden and World Aviation Helicopters Flight Academy Spain are some of the well-known aviation academies in the rest of the world.


Dear Madam,

I have completed my BE in Chemical engineering and have a work experience of three years. Now, I am considering pursuing a masters abroad. Kindly suggest countries that are suitable for the said course keeping in mind the expenses and career scope. Should I be looking at coursework-based programmes or a thesis-based one?



Dear Abhishek,

For masters in Chemical Engineering, I would recommend the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore and Ireland. Pick a course work based taught programme rather than a research-based programme. These are easier to get into.


Dear Madam,

I am a final year BE student. I want to pursue MS in statistics. But, I’m unaware of the universities abroad. Kindly suggest me a few universities abroad and also the fee structure for the same.



Dear Prakriti,

The Masters programmes in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand are for a duration of one year, and they are the most affordable. Costs will be anything between 20 and 30 lakhs for tuition and living expenses put together. Australia, Canada and the US offer two-year programmes and they would cost around 30 to 45 lakhs per year for tuition and living expenses.

I would recommend the following universities:

UK: Glasgow, Warwick, Sheffield, Manchester and Imperial College London.

Ireland: University College Dublin

New Zealand: University of Canterbury, Massey University and the University of Auckland.

Australia: University of Melbourne and RMIT

Canada: The University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and Waterloo.

US: Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, California Berkeley, Harvard and the University of Chicago.


Dear Madam,

My son is studying Environmental engineering in the US. He wants to know about the subjects in post-graduation he can pursue further, and job opportunities abroad.



Dear Siddarth,

Since your son is already studying in the US, I would suggest he continues his masters in the US. The best universities to pursue a Master’s in Environmental engineering in the US are Duke, Arizona State, Cornell, MIT, Stanford, Yale and UC Berkeley. Job opportunities are available in engineering services, management, scientific and technical consulting services, architectural, engineering and related services, State government, Local government and Federal government.

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