Digital tools for Maths

Digital tools for Maths

customised Today, learning with technology is not just about watching tutorial videos online, but has evolved into a response system.

Being a small-town boy, studying with limited resources, didn’t stop Gurpreet from scoring national merit in IIT-JEE. Interestingly, he attributes his success to the advancing technology and evolving communication. 

What helped Gurpreet? What is the connection between technology and study? How is technology making mathematics simpler for students? The answer is all around; one just needs to take a look. Technology has made learning mathematics simpler and interesting using interactive applications, real-world examples, games and puzzles, helping students overcome the long-prevailing phobia for number complexity and mathematical calculations. The study of mathematics inculcates creativity in a child, enabling him or her to think innovatively and find solutions to real-life equations.

Technology has evolved as a facilitator for those who want to overcome their weakness and strengthen their basics of mathematics, regardless of being in any corner of the world. The innovation in education has made learning easier across all the levels, from kindergarten to postdoctoral research.

Technology not only enables teachers to explain mathematical concepts properly with live examples, but also assists them in organising the curricula, assessing and grading the students, and helps in defining the subjects comprehensively. In today’s fast-paced life and bigger classrooms, teachers can’t concentrate on every student individually, and that hampers a child’s possible growth. Technology helps in easing the process of individual evaluation of a student and customising a learning programme to understand the best gist of mathematics. 

Independent learning

The role of a teacher is to pass on the information to the students and the responsibility of students is to analyse and understand the same to improve their critical thinking abilities. The newly emerged flipped classroom model enables students to learn independently with the help of technology. The task of a teacher here is to fill the critical gaps in learning maths and this model effectively serves the purpose, polished even better with the help of technology.   

Modern age technology has gamified the learning process, especially in mathematics. Now the children in kindergarten and primary school have a number of interactive video games and digital puzzles to learn the basics of maths. At the later stages of learning like during college, an array of interactive online learning platforms provide interesting games, puzzles, and questions for better learning of complex Mathematical concepts. These days, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled games are also turning responsive to make the number base stronger and help understand maths better. 

Real-life situations

Today, learning with technology is not just about watching tutorial videos online but has evolved into a response system with different integrations to aid students in understanding maths. 

Probability is an important part of mathematics that has a large share in human life as well. Technology is helping students in understanding probability calculations and gaining expertise in its implementation.

The real-life use of mathematics and probability in the stock market is just one big example of how your expertise in maths and love for numbers can change life. Another example is Google maps which are completely based on coordinate geometry. 

With the change in time, people have moved from Doordarshan to Netflix, but the education structure in the country hasn’t altered much. The recent shift in global paradigms of education has steered countries to revamp their education structure and policies. 

The fact that mathematics is omnipresent makes it an integral part of life. Technology has helped students in learning maths and thus changed the course of life greatly. 

Gurpreet’s mother remembers the day when the boy first sought the assistance of technology in understanding the concepts and how it helped him pursue a thriving career. Gurpreet changed his life with determination, perseverance and the use of technology. It’s time you explore the options and make use of technology for a comprehensive learning experience. 

(The author is founder, 
TruMath, Haryana)