Executive education for mid-career crisis

Executive education for mid-career crisis

Skill up-gradation is important to boost mid-level career or for seniors.

The disruption caused by technology and the internet — besides growing globalisation — has made the business environment more dynamic than ever.

Professionals across sectors must realise their existing skills are outdated and need to get back to classrooms to stay relevant, or unlearn what they have learned to keep up with the changing demands.

With ambitious, competitive and tech-savvy younger blood being infused in the system, career openings for those on the wrong side of 40 and 50 are shrinking. At the same time, with lifespan increasing, a person’s average work-span has increased.

This makes it imperative for mid-career and senior professionals to stay relevant through constant skill upgradation and learning.

On top of this, more and more Indian professionals are looking at a global
career. Fortunately, there are multiple alternatives to remain updated and upskilled, executive education being the most comprehensive.

It plays a crucial role in equipping said professionals with skills required to navigate the ever-changing marketplace.

The world has shrunk into our computers and no technology is alien to us anymore. Many professionals do not shy away from enlisting in B-schools mid-career, even if this means executing serious or uncomfortable measures.

Most of the executive education courses have weekend residential classes to help these professionals. Currently, our home-grown institutes collectively offer impressive courses.

Since the training required for the target group of this particular stream is specific, the kind of curricula for each subject needs to be distinct.

However, the pursuer must have a clear understanding of what he is looking for with course options mushrooming by the day.

It would be a good idea to assess your current job scenario, trends in your industry or functional area, the bandwidth available, and how much you can invest before deciding on a course.

While selecting one, do keep in mind that all these courses require a considerable amount of investment. All aspiring candidates would do well to adhere to reasonable caution and rigour in selecting the right executive education option to ensure the Return on investment is high.

Unsurprisingly, as the demand for executive education increases, the number of institutes and universities offering management course surges.

This leads to dilution of the quality and value on offer. So, apply keeping in mind the following: global certification, who is designing and delivering the course, and the performance of pass-outs who have taken up the course. 

In a positive spin, mention must be made about the many reputed institutes’ certification being bundled into the course offering, which adds value to any professional resume.

So, the global institutes have joined hands with the local players to reach out to Indian students through Massive Open Online Courses and other formats. And Indian Institute of
Management-Bangalore’s IIMBx reaches out to global audiences.  

So, never stop learning as it is the only way to ensure your growth.

(The author is chairman, Audyogik Shikshan Mandal)