Making the cut in the fashion industry

Making the cut in the fashion industry

The key responsibility of a fashion designer is to set new trends.

Fashion is an ever-transforming industry that provides various career paths and choices to select from. Educational institutions offer relevant courses that aspirants can opt for.

Here are some trending opportunities in the industry:

Fashion designer: This is the dream job for anyone right after college. In the era of the digital age, you can always show your presence online. However, if you have some epic designs and catch the attention of the right people, starting directly as a fashion designer may not be impossible. 

The key responsibility of a fashion designer is to set new trends. They essentially are the brains and hands behind a clothing label and in most scenarios, they also often become the ambassadors of the brand. 

Fashion journalist: If you have a flair for writing, coupled with an interest in fashion, this job is for you. While the Indian market of fashion journalism is steadily growing, it is already at its peak in the western countries.

You can initially join as an intern in reputed magazines or land a full-time job. You can also write for the websites or newspapers depending on your style and passion. You can use the online world to have a solid portfolio and show the hiring companies your talent by having a blog or microblogging regularly. 

Fashion technician: Currently, there is a wide range of software and algorithms that help designers replicate their thoughts in the digital space. 3D technology is also emerging, where you can put the design on fabric or change patterns in real-time with the use of virtual reality and more.

For such a job, you must enrol with one of the top fashion technology courses. Learn to code software, collect data and devise an algorithm that can predict future demands or design apps that enable brands to take customised fashion orders. 

Fashion merchandising: You may have to work in retail stores or company boutiques where you will be the decision-maker for the customer or the brand itself.

The company will come to you to decide which apparels to display, at the right time. Customers will approach you with their budget and occasion, and you will pick their attire for them. 

Some of the courses that aspirants can consider are: 

BA in Fashion Designing: This programme prepares the students to take up diverse career opportunities in the fashion domain of the modern world. The dynamic curriculum aligned with the expectations of the fashion world prepares the students for a better and brighter career in the fashion industry.

PG Diploma in Fashion Designing: The PG Diploma in Fashion Designing aims at preparing advance level of fashion designing professionals having a specialised knowledge of fashion designing with high levels of proficiency. This programme offers good career opportunities at various levels in the country and abroad after successful completion.

It’s important to note that there isn’t a right or wrong way to carve your career in fashion but being persistent, doing hard work, having passion and humility will be key to achieving success in the industry. 

(The writer is with School of Fashion Designing Sanskriti University)