White water rafting hotspots

White water rafting hotspots

Check out some of the top white water rafting hotspots in the world

Sun Kosi river, Nepal

Sun Kosi river, Nepal: In this wild tributary of Ganges, you descend down the Himalayas, traverse high mountains and vast valleys all the way to the open plains of Chatara. At 270 km, this is one of the longest rivers in the world and is world-famous for its roaring rapids. Its banks are also home to langurs, otters & spotted deers.

 Zambezi river, Zambia: Nicknamed ‘Slam-bezi’, Zambezi river is for experienced rafters only. Since it’s the fourth largest river in Africa, it offers Grade III -V rapids for some wild, wild rafting. Raft in rapids with names such as ‘The Devil’s Toilet Bowl’, ‘The Gnashing Jaws of Death’, ‘Morning Glory’ & ‘Oblivion’.

Colorado river, USA: Imagine rafting through the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon! This 2,300-km-long river has Grade IV-V rapids and promises an unforgettable experience. Can’t get enough of the river? You can take up the 18-day excursion too. Expect the biggest waves in this deepest gorge and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Futaleufu river, Chile: Fed by the glacial snowmelt in the Andean lakes of Argentina and Chile, this river is one of the premier river rafting destinations in the world. Multiple Grade V rapids will ensure you get the maximum thrill. The river, surrounded by Alpine mountains, even offers calmer stretches for beginners.