Water scarcity in Harangi river sounds a warning bell

Water scarcity in Harangi river sounds a warning bell

The shallow stretch of Harangi river at Koodige village near Kushalnagar.

Water level in Harangi river, which had breached its banks to cause flooding during the heavy rains earlier, has now receded to its lowest level triggering alarm bells among residents of nearby villages.

Harangi which joins Cauvery river has been reduced to a stream. The dip in water level has forced residents to think of ways to prepare for the imminent water crisis during summer.

Harangi reservoir was brimming in the first week of July following heavy rains. A record level of 70.75 tmcft water was registered at the reservoir by the end of August.

The villages located close to the river had been submerged as a large quantity of water was released during the second week of August.

The river was flowing above danger level, inundating a bridge near Koodige. As a result, Madikeri-Hassan State Highway had been closed for traffic.

With the rains becoming scanty in September, the quantity of water in Harangi reservoir also dipped drastically.

Due to low water levels at the reservoir, we had issued instructions to stop the release of water from the crest gates of the dam a fortnight ago, Harangi reservoir Assistant Engineer Nagaraju said.

The maximum level of the dam is 2,859 feet. The present water level is 2854.53 feet. Of the total 6.9 tmcft of water impounded in the dam, 6.2 tmc ft of water will be available for usage.

The inflow too had come down from 80,000 cusecs to 900 cusecs. 600 cusec of water was released to a canal each day.

Many villages in Koodumangaluru and Koodige are dependent on Harangi river for drinking water.

Officials said acute shortage of water will have a negative impact on water level of other surface water sources as well.