Explained | What the US Congress passed to aid Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

Here is what is in the four bills, which the Senate approved as one package.
Last Updated : 24 April 2024, 03:11 IST
Last Updated : 24 April 2024, 03:11 IST

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The US Senate on Tuesday passed aid for Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific, along with a national security bill that could effectively ban TikTok in the United States, sending them to the White House for President Joe Biden to sign into law.

Here is what is in the four bills, which the Senate approved as one package.

What's in the Ukraine aid bill:

The largest of the four bills, in dollar terms, allocates $60.84 billion to support Ukraine in its two-year-long battle to repel Russia's invasion.

This includes $23.2 billion to replenish US weapons, stocks and facilities and $11.3 billion for current US military operations in the region.

The US does not have troops in Ukraine, but the Pentagon has been training Ukrainian troops elsewhere in the region and continues to maintain readiness and a presence across the continent, including countries in eastern Europe such as Estonia.

It also includes $13.8 billion for the purchase of advanced weapons systems plus $26 million to "continue oversight and accountability" of aid provided to Ukraine.

The funding brings the total US investment in the conflict to $170 billion. It became the first new funding approved by Congress since Republicans took control of the House in January 2023.

How much aid would Israel get?

The bill provides $26.38 billion to support Israel, reimburse US military operations in response to recent attacks and provide humanitarian assistance to civilian victims of conflicts worldwide, including Palestinians in Gaza.

Some $5.2 billion will go toward replenishing and expanding Israel's missile and rocket defense system. Another $3.5 billion will go to purchasing advanced weapons systems, $1 billion to enhance weapons production and $4.4 billion for other supplies and services provided to Israel.

The humanitarian aid in the package totals $9.15 billion.

It prohibits funds to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which provides support to Palestinian refugees.

What's in the Indo-Pacific aid bill?

The bill would provide $8.12 billion to "counter communist China and ensure a strong deterrence in the region" as China flexes its military muscles.

Some $3.3 billion will be allocated to developing submarine infrastructure, plus $2 billion in foreign military financing for Taiwan and other allies in the region to support them "confronting Chinese aggression."

What's in the bill to ban TikTok?

The fourth bill combines several national security initiatives.

It gives ByteDance, the Chinese owner of the short-video social media app TikTok, up to a year to divest its US assets or face a ban on its app being available in US app stores or on US web hosting services. That is double the six months that a bill the House passed last month would have allowed.

The 21st Century Peace through Strength Act would also allow the federal government to transfer frozen Russian sovereign assets to Ukraine and expand sanctions against Iran and its oil production.

In addition, the aid package contains several measures on Iran sanctions, including two that "could explicitly impact Iranian petroleum exports if implemented and enforced", according to ClearView Energy Partners, a non-partisan research group. The US already has numerous sanctions on Iran's oil exports over its nuclear program, but the shipments have risen amid strong demand from China.

Published 24 April 2024, 03:11 IST

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