Ugandans approach NHRC, Delhi Police

Complaints filed over run-in with neta

Four Ugandan women, who were ‘detained’ during Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s visit to south Delhi’s Khirki Extension, on Friday registered complaints against unknown persons alleging harassment and misbehaviour. The complaints are filed with Uganda High Commission, National Human Rights Commission, Delhi Police and National Commission for Women.

The women were ‘detained and manhandled’ over allegations of involvement in a prostitution and drug peddling racket.

It was done after Bharti claimed to have received complaints about the illegal activities flourishing in the locality with the help of foreign nationals.

However, after the women underwent a two-hour-long medical examination, they tested negative for drugs or any other psychotropic substance. The women also claimed that they were held captive inside a taxi for over three hours and forcibly taken to AIIMS for the medical examination.

“We were also taken to the police station and kept there for over four hours,” one of the victims said.

“It’s shame on Delhi’s newly formed government where the law and tourism minister is harassing foreigners by claiming us drug peddlers and sex workers,” she added.

The victims have shared their ordeal with senior police officers after which their statements were recorded. Noted Lawyer Harish Salve further highlighted that one of the victims was not allowed to go to the bathroom and forced to urinate in public.

Receiving the complaint, NCW Chairperson Mamta Sharma said the ministers in the government led by Arvind Kejriwal have been acting immature.

“The work of these ministers is administrative. They need to get mature else they have to pay for their outrageous behavior by taking the law in their hand,” she said.

Amnesty International India Chief Executive G Ananthapadmanabhan also reacted over the incident and said the arbitrary detention and manhandling reflect poorly on standards expected of the newly formed Delhi government. 

“The government must respect due process of law and rights of those suspected of crimes,” he said.

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