Intellinez Systems’ Soumya Prakash Mishra and Kalpana Srivastava's inspirational path from employees to entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs experience an uplifting journey that serves as a monument to the strength of resiliency and the unbreakable human spirit in the world of entrepreneurship, where difficulties abound and failure lurks around every corner. Soumya Prakash Mishra and Kalpana Srivastava were raised with the virtues of perseverance, self-control, and striving for perfection. These ideals possess the distinctive qualities that were required to serve as the cornerstone around which they built their successful business empire.

Soumya Prakash Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO of Intellinez Systems

After completing his education in computer science, Soumya embarked on a successful career in the IT industry, working with esteemed multinational corporations. However, the allure of entrepreneurship beckoned, and Soumya decided to venture into uncharted territory. In 2018, Soumya’s entrepreneurial journey took wings when he encountered professional challenges in his then-current organization. Unfazed, he turned this setback into an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Inspired by the bestselling book – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Soumya realized the importance of financial freedom, assets, and passive income. With a newfound mind-set and an unwavering determination, he embarked on his first entrepreneurial endeavour.

Soumya established a company specialising in the resale of second-hand Apple products as his first venture into entrepreneurship. What had initially been a modest undertaking quickly acquired steam, producing a sizable profit and teaching priceless lessons in customer service and business savvy. Soumya's journey's most important turning point was this business because it gave him the confidence and knowledge he needed to successfully negotiate the challenging terrain of entrepreneurship.

Soumya set out to up his game and entered unexplored territory, armed with his newly acquired entrepreneurial talents. He invested a substantial amount of money in 2019, using his life savings to open a high-end gym in Mohali, India. But as is sometimes the case on the road to success, Soumya ran upon a tough barrier. In mid-2020, he made the difficult decision to sell the gym at a loss. This setback served as a poignant reminder that the journey to success is rarely a linear one, marked by both triumphs and tribulations. Undeterred by this setback, Soumya’s unwavering resolve remained steadfast. He used this experience as a springboard for growth, channeling his energy into a new opportunity. He continued working as a software consultant while laying the groundwork for his next venture.

Today, Intellinez Systems stands as a testament to Soumya’s unwavering resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. With a revenue exceeding the million-dollar mark, the company has solidified its position as a leader in the IT industry, providing high-value consulting and developing ground-breaking products such as LegiCred – an innovative blockchain-based EdTech solution.

Kalpana Srivastava, Co-Founder & COO of Intellinez Systems

Kalpana Srivastava, a dynamic professional and co-founder of Intellinez Systems, holds a computer science engineering degree from the prestigious Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh. With her exceptional skills and expertise, she has made significant contributions to the field of technology.

Throughout her educational journey, Kalpana Srivastava's brother served as a role model, inspiring her to strive for greater achievements. Despite limited resources, she discovered the invaluable impact of having a supportive family in her pursuit of success. Her mother's teachings about effective time management also played a crucial role in shaping her approach to life.

In 2003, Kalpana Srivastava completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from a prestigious institution in Gorakhpur. Initially, she joined the same college as a professor to be close to her parents. However, her brother's encouragement motivated her to explore opportunities in the software industry. This led her to relocate to Mumbai, where she gained experience in database technologies. Soon after, she received an offer from Genpact
Hyderabad, igniting her passion for technology.

Kalpana Srivastava's journey took her to Bangalore, where she joined Oracle India Pvt Ltd. Over the course of nearly seven years, she worked on various modules of Oracle's standard ERP systems, solidifying her expertise in the field. Later, she transitioned to Emerson Electric Co., specialising in developing customized ERP solutions and complex database systems. Her profound understanding of database design and management paved the way for her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Kalpana Srivastava's journey as a Co-Founder and COO of Intellinez Systems showcases her
determination, expertise, and commitment to making a positive impact on society. With her
vision, values, and dedication to technological advancements, she is an inspiration for
aspiring entrepreneurs and a catalyst for meaningful change.

Soumya Prakash Mishra & Kalpana Srivastava believe in the transformative power of technology and encourages society to embrace it. They emphasise the importance of cultivating digital skills and using technology responsibly to create a better world. Through collaboration and harnessing technology's potential, they believe they can drive innovation and build a future that benefits everyone.

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Published 30 June 2023, 12:25 IST

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